The traditional lunge exercise is considered to be efficient in strengthening the major muscles in your body, and in building up core strength. (more…)

Bench Dip



The dip is a strength-training exercise for the upper body that helps in increasing the muscular mass of your chest, arms and shoulders. (more…)

Power Clean



The clean exercise refers to weight lifting without the overhead push or strenuous body-crushing weight, but the lifting starts with light weights until your body is able to adapt to the required heavy weight. It is also better to have trainer to guide you over with the clean exercise to check if you can do it. You need a barbell for the power clean. (more…)


Roll Up


The burpee exercise aims to condition and to strengthen your whole body so that you would be able to lose tremendous amount of body fat, to increase your endurance and to boost your stamina. All you need is your own bodyweight to provide you with copious amount of resistance. Your lungs are exercised for better breathing rhythm and your heart would have increased heart rate for better blood circulation. (more…)

Box Jump



The box jump exercise aims to improve your body’s muscles by elongating them through a jump. It also targets to ameliorate your jump by increasing its power when you contract your muscles to push away from the floor. This exercise intends to build up core strength and to tone your lower body by developing your jump height and your power. It also tests your agility, accuracy and balance. (more…)

Bench Press


The bench press is a weightlifting exercise or a strength-training workout that builds up muscular mass in your chest and in your arms by pressing the weight upward. It triggers numerous muscles in your upper body, which leads to the increase of power and mass. (more…)

Back Extension


The back extension is a sought-after movement performed by people who are experiencing back problems and who prefer to maintain proper back health. This exercise is a great help in averting potential back strains and lower back pain and in increasing muscle tone and muscle mass in the back.

Air Squat


The air squat is a total body workout that aims to strengthen your calves, thighs, glutes and ankles. It is a squat performed to build up core power in your lower body, and it is beneficial for increasing your heart rate, thus better oxygen circulation.

Bear Crawl Movement



The mountain climber exercise is a full body workout that aims to engage your whole bodily muscles. (more…)

Mountain Climber



The mountain climber exercise is a full body workout that aims to engage your whole bodily muscles. The name itself already describes the exercise—coordination of every muscle in your body just like how a mountain climber climbs the steep slope of a mountain. This exercise helps in increasing your heart rate, in improving your core stamina and stability and in burning more of your calories. (more…)