Power Clean



The clean exercise refers to weight lifting without the overhead push or strenuous body-crushing weight, but the lifting starts with light weights until your body is able to adapt to the required heavy weight. It is also better to have trainer to guide you over with the clean exercise to check if you can do it. You need a barbell for the power clean.

This workout is very powerful in building up core strength and in increasing muscular mass and endurance, however it is one of the underused movements by most trainees because the procedure is fast and devastating in terms of dropping the barbell quite suddenly.

In order to perform the clean exercise, have the barbell positioned on the floor and in front of you. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and your toes should be underneath the barbell. Bend down in a squatting position and grab the bar firmly with both hands. Keep your back flat and straightened while standing up. As the weight of the barbell has passed from your knees and you have straightened your legs, shrug your shoulders so that you can pull the bar upward, reaching your chest. The barbell should be close to your chest for a little while, and lower the barbell down gradually and drop it in an instant. The whole process denotes one repetition and the number of repetition that you must complete depends whether you are a beginner or advanced.

The power clean contributes in the development of your physical power and speed, and it enhances your coordination skills.


Your back muscles, gluteal muscles, hamstrings, calves and shoulder blades are the most affected muscles in this exercise.

This workout enhances the muscular density in your body, which means your muscular resistance is increased towards passive stretches. The muscles become toned dramatically due to the weight lifting, which results to contracted muscles. The more stretched your muscles are, the more developed the muscular tissues are, resulting to a healthy body. For an athlete, this power exercise develops precision, speed, mobility and power in the muscles for a better sports performance.

Sets and Repetitions

For a beginner, start out with 10 repetitions of the exercise, while the advanced can perform 15 working repetitions. Take note that the weight of the barbell should be light initially, and it should be increased each week at 10 pounds, as long as your body can handle the poundage.

Top Performance Metrics

One of the top lifters in the Olympics during the 20th century, Pablo Lara Rodriquez accomplished a power clean of 190 kg.

Related Movements

Below are some exercises that you can integrate with the clean exercise:

  • Squat

  • Side lunge

  • Push press

  • Sit-up

Related Foods

Before you proceed with your regular physical routine, remember to equip yourself with lots of energy so that you are able to carry on with your workouts. Below is a list of food that you can add to your menu:

  • Oatmeal with berries or nuts

  • Boiled yams

  • Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana

  • Dried fruits such as raisins and plums

After your workout, the muscles in your body are ripped off and are needed to be refueled and replenished. Below is a lift of food that can heal your muscles and can replenish your whole body.

  • Brown rice with chicken or salmon

  • Wheat toast with eggs

  • Boiled eggs and veggies

  • Protein bar or protein shake

Celebrity Use

One of the most sought-after trainer among celebrities, Ashley Borden has been training for five days in a week, and her workout includes dumbbell-related movements, bodyweight exercises, and Olympic lifting such as clean and jerk.

Functional Use

You would notice difference when your muscles seem to be stronger and more toned. Your body posture is also ameliorated by having your back straightened while squatting down and standing up from the exercise. Your body weight and excess fat are all reduced due to the power clean’s capability to burn out calories. It gives you a lean physique and a well-defined shape, which enhances your confidence as you go on with your life.