Mountain Climber



The mountain climber exercise is a full body workout that aims to engage your whole bodily muscles. The name itself already describes the exercise—coordination of every muscle in your body just like how a mountain climber climbs the steep slope of a mountain. This exercise helps in increasing your heart rate, in improving your core stamina and stability and in burning more of your calories.

Mountain climber is achieved by getting your limbs down on the floor with legs stretched, then bring one leg under your chest, keeping your other leg straightened. Keep your hands on the floor while you alternate your legs by jumping, making your previously straightened leg under your chest and the former leg is extended at the back.

What muscles does the movement target?

Numerous muscles in your lower and upper body are affected with this exercise such as your biceps, gluteus muscles, hamstrings, abdominal muscles and quadriceps. It also targets the heart—the more heart rate there is, the more blood is pumped and the healthier your blood circulation is to your body.

How does the movement affect those muscles?

Your biceps are strengthened by carrying your body weight while you jump your legs alternately, while your abdominal muscles are getting more leaned and are building up more strength. Your hamstrings are going to have improved flexibility and your quadriceps are being toned with all the jumping. Lastly, the gluteus muscles in your backside would be more stabilized, preventing lower back pains.

How many should you do to see improvement?

If you are a beginner, do the exercise for 30 seconds on both sides and gradually increase the time to 60 seconds. You would be able to do 5 repetitions each on both sides. If you are not a beginner anymore, a total of 70 repetitions is feasible in over a minute.

How do you know when you see improvement?

You would be able to recognize the improvement when you do this exercise regularly, which also results to losing weight and shrinking belly. Your abdominal muscles are flexed and tough and your legs are toned. Mountain climber helps in the maintenance of a proper posture with the correct angle of doing the exercise.

What are the variations of the exercise?
A variation to the mountain climber exercise is for the beginners to slowly motion the knee under the chest, instead of jumping. Increase the pace gradually depending on what you can perform. You can do as much repetitions as you can as long as your body can take it, but avoid prolonging this exercise as it can strain your neck.