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Air Squat


The air squat is a total body workout that aims to strengthen your calves, thighs, glutes and ankles. It is essentially a squat performed to build up core power in your lower body, and it is beneficial for increasing both your heart rate and bettering oxygen circulation.


The exercise builds core strength as well as strengthens leg muscles and joints, making them more balanced and flexible for easy mobility. Air squats also firm gluteal muscles, often alleviating lower back pain for sufferers. For added benefit, use air squats to maintain heart health. Achieving your target heart rate through exercises like air squats has many benefits beyond strength and physique.

Back Extension


Those who are experiencing back problems, striving to maintain back strength or looking to create tone in the back muscles should try the back extension. This exercise helps to prevent potential back strains and lower back pain by increasing muscle tone and muscle mass in the back.


The back extension primarily targets the lower back muscles because these are the muscles that stretch as the back, chest and shoulders are lifted up during the exercise. The stretching also results in more flexibility.