Standing Side Crunch


The standing side crunch or commonly known as the standing oblique crunch is an exercise for the abs and for the improvement of physical balance. This exercise is an effective routine towards burning calories, strengthening core abdominal muscles and improving body balance. This ab exercise is an alternative to tedious traditional ab workout such as the sit-up and side crunch that are usually done on the floor, and it does not contribute any muscle strain on your neck and on your lower back. Standing side crunch is favorable for those who are experiencing stress and pain on other parts of the body due to rigorous exercising and for those who don’t prefer to get up and down on the floor to bend their abdomen.

This exercise is done with a starting position of standing on both legs around shoulder-width, and with equally distributed weight. Begin the movement by standing on your right leg and by bending on your left side, then squeeze your left leg so that your left knee can almost reach for the base of your left elbow. The same procedure goes through with the right side being bent down and with standing on your left leg.

You would be noticing the improvement easily and faster when do standing side crunch on a daily basis. Don’t forget to inhale while lifting your leg and to exhale when putting it down. Large inhales and exhales make your heart pump faster for a healthy blood circulation.

This exercise is highly achievable because it does not require you any equipment, making it flexible and doable anytime, anywhere, and it also contributes to the stability of your physical development and bodily functions.


Standing side crunch mainly targets your oblique muscles or the side muscles on your abdomen, your rectus abdominis, an abdominal muscle that brings your chest to your thighs, and your iliopsoas that aids in rotating your spine.

This exercise tightens your entire side abdominal muscles, making them more toned and more shaped-up. It also ameliorates physical strength and stability and burns out excess fats.

Sets and Repetitions

For beginners, you start with a 30-second time and increase it to a minute, which leads you to 10 repetitions on both sides. For an advanced movement, 25 repetitions in over a minute is feasible for both sides.

Instagram Video

Here is an Instagram video that exhibits a standing side crunch.

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A dumbbell pair is the perfect aid for adding a little challenge in the standing side crunch exercise, and the set of dumbbell pairs are efficiently handy to the challenge. The smallest weight is two pounds, and the heaviest is the 20 pounds. This is great for you to start with the lightest until your body is able to cope up with the heaviest weight.

Related Movements

In order to have a faster result in burning out excess fats in your body and in being physically fit, here are some exercises that can be incorporated with the standing side crunch: lunges, side step-ups and sit-ups. All of these exercises mainly targets the elbows, knees, shoulders, hips and glutes, which engages the whole body to cooperate.

Related Foods

This movement has a reputation of effectively burning out calories, that is why consuming the right amount of carbohydrates and protein is a necessity. You must consume tofu, legumes and beans to acquire your sufficient protein intake. On the other hand, eat more vegetables and fiber to balance out the carbs that you intake such as rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes and avocados.


Here are some related photos for the standing side crunch:

YouTube Video

Here is a YouTube video that demonstrates how a standing side crunch works.

Celebrity Use

Beyoncé, one of the most glamorous performers in the world of music, has been including the standing side crunch exercise in her workout program as advised by her instructor to burn out more calories. She also includes proper nutritional diet by balancing out her protein and carbohydrate intake.

Functional Use

You would be able to notice results when you are able to balance your body by standing on one leg and when your oblique muscles are tough. Your body would be able to burn calories and fats from continuous performance of the standing side crunch, and you would be able to increase your body’s stability and strength. The important thing is that you are going to feel confident with the results you have with your body.