Side Planking


The side planking exercise is the positioning of your body on one side at a fixed posture, and letting your arm receive all of your body weight. This exercise stabilizes your torso in order to maintain a proper posture, and strengthens your hip to increase mobility in your legs. Side planking builds endurance and core strength, and prevents your lower back from having any pain. Regular practice makes you stable in doing strenuous activities.

In order to perform the side planking, you need to lay on your side, having your elbow on the floor. Upon putting all your body weight on that arm, your body remains stiff and immobile from head to toe. When you feel that your arm is straining, return to your starting position.

Side planking is easy and doable anytime, anywhere without any equipment needed. You just need to have the capacity to hold on to your own weight and through that, you would have better core strength and better posture.


Side planking primarily targets your obliques or your muscles at the side of your abdomen and your rectus abdominis or your six-pack muscles. This exercise stabilizes your trunk and your abdomen for more flexibility and more strength.

This exercise mainly affects the obliques and the six-pack muscles by building up core strength, making them more toned. Your muscles would have more flexibility in order to prevent muscle strain and immobility. The fats in your abdomen would be reduced, keeping it tightened and tough.

Sets and Repetitions

For beginners, side planking is done by counts of 5 to 10 seconds. For non-beginners, a maximum of 30 seconds can suffice the challenge. The side planking should be achieved on both sides and if your arm is not able to hold on to your body weight, return to the starting position. Avoid overdoing the exercise as it may cause injury to your arm.

Instagram Video

Here is an Instagram video that demonstrates the side planking:

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For those who are troubles in maintaining the side planking position, an exercise ball can be of help by placing it between your arm and side abdomen. The exercise ball assists you in carrying your weight. The package includes a pump and it is tested with an anti-burst mechanism.

Related Movements

Achieving more than one exercise helps in speeding up the desired results of having toned side abdomen and gaining core strength. Reverse lunge, push-ups, press, squats and cobra planks are some of the exercise that can be integrated with the side planking.

Related Foods

Getting ready for this exercise means you have to start off with some meals that are suitable before and after your workout. Greek yoghurt with dried fruits or nuts, a whole-wheat toast with bananas and peanut butter, and a bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruits are among the foods that you can consume before working out with the side planking. Then after a series of repetitions, you can try omelet with vegetables and avocado, baked salmon with sweet potatoes, and tuna fish and spinach sandwich.


Here are some related photos for the side planking:

YouTube Video

Here is a YouTube video that illustrates the proper way of doing the side planking:

Celebrity Use

One of the most influential singer/songwriter in American music has been engaging himself with staying vegan and with being fit and healthy. Jay-Z includes the side plank exercise in his regular workout routine as advised by his instructor. He’s been doing three sets of side plank with less than a minute rest after each set.

Functional Use

You would be able to manifest improvement if you could no longer feel any back pain and if you are able to maintain better posture. Your abdomen would be toned and tight and belly fats are diminishing. Furthermore, side planking soothes your muscles, leaving you relaxed and peaceful. You are going to have a better posture, which leaves you to be more confident in your daily activities, as side planking helps in maintaining proper posture at a neutral position.