Ring Dips



The ring dip exercise is recommended for working out your chest, shoulders and triceps simultaneously. It is usually executed for those who are in the gymnast because it requires rings that hang up on the ceiling or on something very stable. It also ameliorates your coordination skills and muscular endurance when you hang yourself up in the air, and when balancing your body using your arm and shoulders at the same time.

In order to perform the ring dip, you need two rings, one for your left and the other for your right side. The height of the rings should be adjusted well so your feet would not be touching the ground during executions. Straighten your arms while keeping your body above the rings. Move your arms until you are able to support your bodyweight in a stable momentum. When your body is already stable, lower it down by having your elbows bent, and keep your shoulders intact to your sides. Your body movement must remain controlled and steady. To get back to your original position, press your body firmly to avoid any fall.

You can bend or cross your legs while doing the ring dip, as long as your arms are extended straightly, and you can also lean your body so that your chest is also exercised. Take note that when you are gripping on the rings, your movement is not going to be stable not until you find your comfort, and you are able to relax yourself hanging on the air. Your position would be stabilized once you take control of your body and of the ring.


The main muscles that the ring dip targets are your pectoralis major or the muscles at your chest area, your shoulder muscles, and your triceps.

This workout is favorable for your arms and chest because it keeps them aligned and stretched. Your coordination skills are tested, which means that your muscles are still capable of working in synergy while you are hanging on the air. It also contributes in building up muscular mass and power in your arms since your arms are doing the most of the work in lifting you up and in balancing your body on air.

Sets and Repetitions

There are variations that are alternatives to the ring dip: one is the wide ring dip wherein the steps are identical except for your arms that should move sideways from your body. Only those who have mastered the traditional ring dip can attempt the wide ring dip because it requires a high level of control with the ring dip. Another variation is the weighted ring dip wherein you put some weight in the ring dip while you do the normal steps. Your arms would not only be carrying your body but also the weights associated in the ring dip.

If you are a beginner, you can perform six to eight repetitions of pull-up and dip for two sets with one minute of rest between each set. On the other hand, if you are advanced, the same number of repetitions is sufficed for five sets. A minute of rest is required because your body still needs some rest to cope up with the energy lost in the previous set.

Instagram Video

Here is an Instagram video that shows how a ring dip is done.


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Top Performance Metrics

Physical exercise enthusiasts have been engaging themselves with rigorous trainings so that they beat top record, and one has gained a title for the most L-position ring dip. Alicia Weber is able to attain 13 succeeding L-position ring dip in only one minute.

Related Movements

Here are some exercises that you can associate with the ring dip exercise for faster and better results:

  • Pull-up

  • Muscle-up

  • Clean and jerk

  • Push-up

Related Foods

To successfully carry on with your workout without feeling weak, here is a list of food that can consider in eating so that your body can have the energy:

  • Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana
  • Oatmeal with berries or dried fruits
  • Fresh fruits
  • Greek yoghurt with almond nuts

After your workout, your body needs to be replenished because the muscles are torn and worn-up. Below is some option of foods that you can eat:

  • Brown rice with chicken or salmon

  • Veggie omelet with sweet potato

  • Protein bar or protein shake with fresh fruits

  • Chocolate milk


Here are some related photos for the ring dip.




YouTube Video

Here is a YouTube video that demonstrates how a ring dip is done properly.


Functional Use

The improvement in your body as you do the ring dip is superb especially when you notice that you are gaining stability, strength, balance and coordination with your body. Knowing that your body has survived repetitions in this workout, you would be able to feel great about how efficient you are in carrying yourself with only your arms and in controlling your movement. Your shoulders are of immense benefit with the ring dip because they have gained more stability without shaking or without any shoulder pain. This means your shoulders are becoming stronger and are resistant to heavy things such as carrying your body.