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The muscle-up exercise is a combination of a pull-up and a dip, wherein the pull-up is when you pull yourself up on the bar with a strong, firm grip, and the dip is when you also pull your body upwards with your shoulders intact to your sides.

You usually utilize a bar or a rind to accommodate the muscle-up workout, and you can make your own combination of repetitions between a pull-up and a dip, depending on how much your body can transition to the other movement.

In order to perform the muscle-up workout, you need to hang your body from a bar with a tight grip, having your entire palms on the bar. Afterwards, you start pulling yourself upwards, reaching your chin over the bar, and roll your chest on the bar, resulting to a transition from the pull-up to a dip workout. Push your hands down while keeping your body upwards, just like doing a normal dip.

Make sure you are capable of carrying your own body weight, otherwise, you couldn’t be able to perform this exercise. The muscle-up requires you to hold on to your weight up in the air for a short period of time. If you haven’t trained yourself to either of the two workouts, then delay this exercise first and train yourself with some pull-ups and dips.


The muscle-up primarily aims the muscles in your chest, shoulders and back, and it also targets your triceps, biceps and abdominal. Since this is a joint movement of a pull-up and a dip, your whole bodily muscles are working together to keep up with the physical demands.

Your muscles are going to be more flexible and more toned, leaving you with well-defined shape especially in your abdomen. This exercise helps your shoulder blades to be stronger and to be more protected from any shoulder strain. Your upper and lower muscles are also developed and stabilized, making you more efficient with your daily routines.

Sets and Repetitions

For beginners, you can complete two repetitions of the muscle-up exercise for every 30 seconds until you reach 10 sets. For a more advanced performance, the same procedure applies except that you should complete at least 20 to 30 sets. Avoid straining yourself for more sets because it may rip off your muscles in your arms for overdoing the exercise.

Top Performance Metrics

Various enthusiasts in physical training have been toiling to beat the top record for the most muscle-ups in a row. So far, Corey Hall has attained 27 muscle-ups in a row.

Related Movements

Here are some exercises that you can execute together with the muscle-up for faster results:

  • Pull-up

  • Push-up

  • Lunge

  • Clean

Functional Use

Improvements are manifested in your legs, arms, shoulders and abdomen. Your legs become more toned and in shape for better mobility. Your abdomen turns to be more flexible, which can result to six-pack muscles. Your shoulder blades become healthy and also flexible. Your whole body is stretched, which denotes being less vulnerable to muscle strain.

Products to Improve Performance

This pull-up bar can be utilized in executing the muscle-up. It can be attached on top so that you can be able to hang your body upwards. This bar is tailored with heavy duty steel for sturdiness.

Related Foods

For your pre-workout snacks, try some of the following food that can provide the energy you need:

  • Oatmeal with berries
  • Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana
  • Greek yoghurt and nuts
  • Boiled yams

For your post-workout snacks, you can add the following food in your options:

  • Chicken breast with broccoli
  • Veggie omelet with white fish
  • Protein shake with fruits
  • Sweet potato with Greek yoghurt

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