Kettlebell Swing


The kettlebell swing or the dumbbell swing is an exercise that utilizes a kettlebell or a dumbbell as a means of regaining proper posture from incorrect sitting position. Its aim is to rectify your posture and to surmount the negative effects of prolonged sitting and slouching. The kettlebell swing also intends to help you reduce excess body weight, to strengthen your heart and lungs and to relieve your lower back from any strains.

To perform the kettlebell swing, bend your hips, hold the kettlebell with both hands and place it between your legs. Gradually rock the kettlebell backward behind your glutes, then forward at a shoulder height. The momentum of the swing would be displacing your arms upwards. After some repetitions, reverse the movement from backward to forward. Upon doing the kettlebell swing, avoid arching your back forcefully, instead allow the gravity of the kettlebell to do the movement for you. All you have to do is to swing to and fro. Moreover, avoid hunching your back when you start to swing, instead keep your spine straight at all times during the execution.

The gravity that you would be feeling when doing this exercise is essential for people who are experiencing lower back pains because it strengthens the muscles in your back. Keep in mind that there is a possibility for a spine injury if not careful with the kettlebell swing procedure.


The kettlebell swing targets primarily your hamstring, abdominal muscles, hip muscles, shoulder blades and your back muscles. It also aims to exercise the heart for better blood circulation just like with a regular cardio.

The muscles in your lower back would be stretched, making them more flexible and strain-free. Your abdominal muscles would be building up strength and muscle mass from the gravity felt upon swinging, and your shoulder blades would also be stretched, leaving it strain-free. Your hip muscles and your glutes would be tighter and more toned, making you look even fitter. The kettlebell swing also boosts your cardiovascular endurance, which is beneficial for your health.

Sets and Repetitions

For beginners, this exercise is done by having 10 repetitions for each direction (backward and forward), while the advanced, the kettlebell swing is performed by doing 15 to 20 repetitions for the backward and forward direction.

Top Performance Metrics

Exercise enthusiasts have been engaging themselves in surpassing the limit in order to make a world record, such as James Saward-Anderson. Saward-Anderson is able to lift a kettlebell that weighs 27, 300 lbs. and performed the kettlebell swing in one hour.

Related Movements

The kettlebell swing is not the only exercise that uses the kettlebell; there are kettlebell moves that you can perform to maximize the use of the kettlebell such as the kettlebell push press, kettlebell clean and kettlebell snatch.

Related Foods

When you are going to start with your workout, make sure that you feed yourself before doing so because your body needs the energy it needs to carry out the execution—food such as hard boiled eggs, fish, mixed nuts, yoghurt, cheddar cheese and whole grain bread. Always drink lots of water because your body would be oozing out liters of sweat during the exercise. After your workout, you also need to provide some replenishments for your body such as green vegetables, protein shake, quinoa and peanut butter. Drinking ionized beverage can help your body hydrated.

Celebrity Use

Prominent Hollywood actress, Katherine Heigl, has been performing exercises with the kettlebell after she met a Kettlebell trainer for the movie Knocked Up. She has been able to acquire the fitted body that she wants with the kettlebell exercises, and she still continues the execution for 20 minutes twice a week.

Functional Use

Improvements are manifested when you begin to lose weight and when you are starting to have your strength and tone improved, especially in your abdominal muscles. You would feel that your back is stretched and is becoming more flexible, giving you better posture. You core muscles are also gaining strength, and your buttocks are going to be pleasingly plump.

Furthermore, this movement improves the stability in your spine, leaving you more power in your daily activities, no matter how strenuous they can be.