Tire Flip

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The tire flip is one of the most sought-after exercises by bodybuilders because it effectively builds up muscle mass and increases endurance as you work with the tire. This routine requires more energy exertion and power than most other exercises on our list.

To perform the tire flip, place your feet a bit wider than the width of your hips and position yourself 12 inches away from the tire. Squat low until you reach the bottom of the tire, and press the shoulders and chest against the sidewall of the tire. Bend the elbows as if ready to lift the tire, and keep the shoulders and chest pressed onto the tire. Move one foot forward, and kick the tire with the knee to flip it. The explosive blow from your knee lifts the tire.

The tire flip is usually part of the training for those who are advanced bodybuilders, wrestlers and athletes. This exercise is often mistaken for a deadlift using only tires, but it is more akin to squatting and kicking exercises. The tires are incredibly heavy making them suitable for building muscular endurance and to tone the body.

You should always take proper precaution with executing the tire flip and avoid lifting the tire with the arms because it can cause injury. The tire is not meant to be elevated through the use of the arms, only with the force of the knees.


The muscles in your abdomen, legs, back and shoulders will all be targeted during the tire flip. Your biceps and triceps are also affected.

When you squat down and reach for the bottom of the tires, you are stretching your shoulder muscles, back muscles, biceps and triceps. And as you kick the tire with your knee, you are toning your abdomen and legs, making them h3er.

Sets and Repetitions

If you are a beginner to the tire flip exercise, start by completing two to three repetitions or do the exercise for ten minutes. If you are an advanced bodybuilder then five to six repetitions, or until you finish 15 minutes, provides a good challenge. Avoid overdoing this exercise because it can cause strain in your legs and arms.

Instagram Video

Here is an Instagram video on how to do the tire flip.


Top Performance Metrics

Jean-Francois Caron has succeeded in flipping a tire that weighs 1,350lbs four times, setting a new world record for tire flipping.

Related Movements

Here are some exercises that can be associated with the tire flip:

  • Squat
  • Deadlift

Related Foods

Here is a list of foods that you can choose from so that your body is supplied with ample energy for your workout:

  • Low-fat cottage cheese and crackers
  • Oranges, berries and banana
  • Boiled eggs
  • Whole grain cereal and almonds

Below is a list of foods that you can eat after your workout to recuperate from the physical demand of the tire flip:

  • Brown rice with salmon
  • Chicken breast with broccoli
  • White fish with tofu or green leaves
  • Protein shake with fresh fruits or Greek yoghurt

YouTube Video

Here is a YouTube video that shows how to execute the tire flip properly.


Celebrity Use

Performing the tire flip may look difficult but if your body is trained in lifting weights, then the tire flip is a piece of cake. Some celebrities have enjoyed the tire flip and even participate in tire flipping races. Physical training enthusiasts Zac Efron and The Rock have done it.

Functional Use

When done as part of a regular workout routine, the tire flip will result in more muscular mass in the arms, a well-defined abdomen and flexible shoulders. You will also become h3er and you’ll notice your muscles have more endurance, which is important for a better performance in everyday activities. These changes in your body mean that the tire flip exercise is effective and you are executing it correctly.

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