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Running is an easy workout that anyone can do—all you need is a place to run. Running is one of the oldest forms of exercise, but it is possible to do it wrong. To get all the benefits of running, start with a good stretch. Take note that running is different from jogging, where you maintain a gentle and steady pace, and is typically more rigorous and faster paced.

There are some tips to take into consideration when going for a run. For starters, avoid running on highways or near busy roads.

If you are running outside, always apply sunscreen with high SPF to any exposed area. Avoid running in peak hours when traffic is high. Instead try to plan your route on n flat, grassy locations to avoid injury and knee strain. Wearing loose clothing while running may lessen sweating. The most important accessory for running though is appropriate shoes. These can help you avoid foot strain and shin splints and support a better stride and form as you run.


Running provides a lot of benefits. The muscles that benefit most are the legs and hips, but all of your body muscles are stretched and toned while running. Consistent running had been linked to knee pain; however, running can also build strength in the knees that make you less susceptible to knee strains.

Sets and Repetitions

If you are a beginner, aim to run for a shorter period of time such as 30 minutes. If you are advanced, aim for an hour of running. Gradually increase your time, as your body is able to cope.

Instagram Video

Here is an Instagram video that shows how to run.

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The treadmill is an excellent alternative to running outdoors, allowing you to run freely without worry of environmental elements. This product is portable and can be folded for easy storage. Not only is it durable, it includes options for speed, time and distance.

Top Performance Metrics

Numerous runners have made their name by beating world records, such as Kenenisa Bekele and Wang Junxia, who ran 10,000 meters in 26 minutes and 29 minutes respectively.

Related Movements

Here are some movements that you can integrate with running:

  • Walking lunge
  • Box jump
  • Squat

Related Foods

If you eat too much before a run you may become queasy or unable to run. Here are some choices for foods that you can eat to supply ample energy without boating or becoming too full:

  • Banana and raisins
  • Whole wheat toast with banana and nut butter
  • Carrots and green smoothie
  • Greek yoghurt with granola

After a run, d lots of water to rehydrate your body and consume foods to refuel yourself, such as:

  • Low-fat chocolate milk
  • Apple, cheese with crackers
  • Low-fat yoghurt with berries, apple and grapes
  • Skim milk and a banana

YouTube Video

Here is a YouTube video that provides a lecture on how to run without getting knee pain.

Celebrity Use

Prominent comedian actor Jim Carrey is an active runner, and often runs five miles at a time. Singer Bon Jovi’s says his favorite exercise is running and routinely runs six times a week for around one hour each day.

Functional Use

Running helps burn plenty of calories and aids in maintaining a healthy body weight. Running also strengthens muscles, improves heart rate and builds h3 bones. Because running straightens your spine, it can also create better posture.

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