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A pushup is a basic exercise that defines the torso, shoulders, triceps and abdomen. The exercise does not require any equipment—all you need is yourself and your determination. Adding pushups to your regular exercise routine will increase muscular endurance in your torso, buildup lean muscle mass and increase the function of your metabolism, aiding in weight loss. Those who exercise regularly with pushups benefit from h3er bones and muscles, keeping the body healthy and physically fit.

Pushups are great for upper body conditioning, toning and flexing the muscles. While doing a pushup, your back should be straight, all weight should be distributed equally and the spine should be positioned neutrally.

Start in a plank position. Then, raise and lower your whole body by bending your arms. Lower until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle to the floor and then rise back up. This is one repetition

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Pushups target the anterior deltoids (the muscles found in the shoulders), pectorals (muscles located in the chest) and triceps (muscles found in the back). During a pushup, these muscles work together to carry your body up and down using only your arms.

This exercise creates flexibility in the triceps and helps prevent future back pain due to strengthened muscles in the back and core. Regular pushups keep the anterior deltoids stable increases flexibility. Shoulders and pectoral muscles will also benefit. In addition, pushups build up core strength, which makes everyday activities easier to endure.

Sets and Repetitions

A popular variation of the pushup is the diamond pushup. To do this exercise, position the hands to form a diamond while you raise and lower your body. This variation targets more of the triceps.

Another known variation is the front clap where you push your body upward forcefully in order to clap your hands once in front of your body before returning to a stating position. Back at your starting position, repeat the movement over again.

For beginners, doing a pushup can be tiresome and strenuous, especially when you are not used to carrying your own body weight. That is why executing 10 pushups daily or every two days is a good place to start without straining your arms. Overdoing the pushups can result in injury. When the body gets used to the movement, increase the repetition from 10 to 100 pushups.

For those looking for a fitness challenge, complete 200 pushups every three days. A popular exercise challenge was the 300-pushup daily routine but most fitness experts warn against it because it can lead to tired, strained muscles.

Celebrity Use

Jenny McCarthy, a six-time Playboy cover model, is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. In addition to her gluten and dairy-free diet, McCarthy performs pushups as part of her regular workout regimen to maintain her physique.

Functional Use

Pushups lead to h3, flexible, muscles. The spine is aligned properly, creating better posture. Frequent pushups increase the metabolism rate leading to weight loss and fat reduction. Furthermore, h3er muscles lead to h3er, denser bones. Engaging in pushups often leads to better overall sports performance in activities such as running, walking, jogging and even jumping because you have h3er core muscles.

Top Performance Metrics

One pushup record set was 290 repetitions in one minute. Another enthusiast hit 441 repetitions in five minutes.

Related Movements

To get results faster, add a few additional exercises to your routine. Sit ups, lunges and planks all demand full cooperation of the whole body and are great complements to pushups.

Related Foods

Before doing pushups, consume carbohydrate-rich foods to sustain energy. A large pear drizzled with honey, whole-wheat toast with banana slices and peanut butter, and Greek yoghurt with nuts are great options. After pushups, grab grilled chicken and veggies, avocadoes, cheese or chocolate milk to repair your muscles.

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