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The traditional lunge exercise strengthens all major muscles in the body while building core strength. Athletes often so lunges to maintain bodily balance and to increase muscular endurance, but it is not a rare exercise by any means. Short lunges are usually recommended to emphasize the quadriceps and for those who want to take it easy until their body is ready for the demand of a longer lunge. Long lunges emphasize the buttocks, especially the gluteal muscles. The lunge is a basic workout for beginning athletes, and it is doable anytime, anywhere, as long as there is ample space to extend the leg.

To perform the lunge, straighten the body, especially the back. Position the right leg forward, bending the knee and laying the foot flat on the ground. Your left leg is positioned at the back with knees also bent. Keep the chin up, shoulders relaxed, and the abdomen flexed inward. Avoid looking down at the ground to maintain proper posture. You can then lower both of your knees at a 90-degree angle or until you reach discomfort. Do not allow the knees to touch the ground. To return to the starting position, push your heels back slowly. This is one repetition.


The lunge exercise mainly targets your abdominal muscles, gluteus maximus, quadriceps, calves and hamstrings. This exercise helps to increase flexibility in your hips, to improve balance and to develop better coordination and rhythm in the targeted muscles.

Sets and Repetitions

If you are a beginner, complete one lunge to each leg for eight to 12 repetitions. If you are looking for an advanced workout, complete one lunge to each leg for 12 to 16 repetitions.

Related Movements

Here are some movements that can be integrated with the lunge.

  • Push-ups
  • Box jumps
  • Sit-ups
  • Air squat

Related Foods

Eat 30 minutes to one hour before starting your workout so that your body has ample time to get ready for the exercises. Here is some food that you can add to your menu:

  • Whole grain cereals
  • Fruits such as oranges, apples and watermelon
  • Oatmeal with berries or fresh fruits
  • Greek yoghurt and almonds

Choose from these foods for a post-workout snack:

  • Boiled eggs
  • White fish with beans and asparagus
  • Low-fat chocolate milk
  • Chicken breast with broccoli

Celebrity Use

Television personality and singer Nicole Scherzinger engages herself in a series of exercises to keep her body in shape, including running, jogging, lunges and deadlifts.

Functional Use

Create changes in the lower body while gaining strength and physical power in your thighs, knees and abdomen by making lunges part of your normal workout routine. By maintaining a neutral spine during the exercise, you will also improve posture. Executing the lunge on both legs increases balance and coordination on both sides, which can be beneficial in daily life. Lunges also engage your core, tightening and toning abdominal muscles.

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