Glute Stretch

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The glute stretch exercise aims to relieve back, knee and hip pain, and to improve muscle flexibility. As you age, glutes become weakened, leading to knee pain and lower back pain. Having frail glutes also causes back stiffness and discomfort in sitting positions.

The most common glute stretch is the pretzel stretch in which you sit on the floor, turn your upper body to one side, stretch your legs and extend your arm. You also bend your knee upon stretching your leg. The pretzel stretch can also be done lying down on the floor and bending both knees while crossing one leg over the other. Through this exercise, you can achieve healthy glutes and maintain stability in your pelvis, which contributes to the ease in which daily such as running and walking can be performed. The glute stretch also helps in reducing excess fat in your buttocks area helping you achieve the butt you’ve always wanted.


The glute stretch clearly targets the most powerful and largest muscle group in the body—your gluteus, or glutes. This muscle group consists of the minimus, medius and maximus muscles, which are all located in your buttocks. Glutes are responsible for moving hips and leg coordination. People who have weak glutes often complain of constant knee pain because the glutes are not healthy and flexible and are perpetually strained.

This exercise reduces the stiffness and pain felt after long walks, strenuous runs or long hours of sitting down. The glute stretch also improves mobility because the glutes are more flexible and toned. Regular stretching also averts the chances of further injuries in your hips. Frail gluteal muscles could hinder the hip movements, which makes keeping your glutes fit and healthy important.

Sets and Repetitions

One variation for the gluteal stretch is the twisting buttock stretch where you bend one knee and twist your body towards that bent knee. Another variation is to sit on a chair, cross your right leg and rest your right foot on your left knee. Then, lean forward gently until you feel that your buttocks are stretched. All the stretches are done on both the left and right side.

For beginners, hold each stretch for 15 seconds and repeat four times. When you’re ready, increase your pace by holding the stretch for a maximum of 30 seconds for three repetitions on both sides. For a more challenging stretch, hold for 20 seconds at around 10 to 15 repetitions. Avoid holding your stretch for more than 30 seconds to prevent overstretching and straining the muscles.

Top Performance Metrics

Some people who wish to have fast results often perform 100 repetitions of the glute stretch in over 50 to 60 seconds, while those who prefer a more leisurely pace will perform the recommended 20-repetition set.

Related Movements

For a full a butt workout, combine glute stretches with pile squats, frog jumps, lunge kicks, forward lunges, donkey kicks and side lunges. Most of these exercises do not require any equipment as long as you have ample space.

Related Foods

Without any stretches, your glutes may weaken and become flat. Certain foods can be of help to make your glutes plump and firm such as drinking a shake with half a scoop of whey and casein. Also add skinless chicken breast, potatoes or yams and broccoli into your diet. Your glutes need nourishment and fats so there’s no need to cut carbs out of your diet if your focus is good glutes.

Celebrity Use

As seen in the Underworld movies, Kate Beckinsale’s physique is enviable and h3, especially her lower body. To maintain her lower features, Beckinsale performs a lineup of activities, including the glute stretch, which keeps her looking toned in those skin-tight black bodysuits.

Functional Use

When practiced regularly, the glute stretch helps buttocks become firm. Pain and stiffness in the hips, lower back and knees will also diminish. All who are in their older years should practice the glute stretch so their muscles don’t become stiff as they age.

The greatest functional benefit for the glute stretch is reduced pain in daily life.

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