Double Under

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The double under exercise conditions the body using a jumping rope or a speed rope. To complete the exercise, all you have to do is to jump up high enough to swing the rope twice under you. This may sound quite difficult at first because the in standard jump roping the goal is to have the rope swing once under you per jump.

There are common misconceptions on how to do the double under the proper way. First, you may think that you should use your whole arms to swing the jumping rope but this practice is inefficient because you can strain your arms upon doing so. The correct way is to utilize only your wrists. A speed rope is recommended when doing this exercise to make it easier to complete than if you were to use a regular jump rope. Second, the use of a jumping rope or a speed rope does not necessarily mean that you should be jumping higher than usual. You only need to jump normally as long as your jump allows you to swing the tope underneath your feet twice before landing.

When you perform this movement, the elbows must be close to the rib cage and the arms must stay motionless using only the wrists to swing the rope. This technique makes taking control of the jumping rope and gaining speed or slowing down the rope easier to manage. Start with a single under until you get the hang of it and then attempt the double under. Practice will help you manage control of the rope making the double swing easier.


The muscles that the double under targets are your flexors, calves and leg muscles, although this exercise does offer benefit to the whole body. When you jump, all of the muscles are affected.

This exercise makes your flexors even more flexible, which is important to prevent strains in tendons and ligaments. As you age, muscles become rigid and painful, especially when you move a lot. Bendable muscles in your elbows down to your hands provide enhanced mobility. Your calves will also strengthen through continuous jumping, providing tone to the muscles.

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Sets and Repetitions

For beginners, it is recommended to start with 5 rounds of single unders then 5 rounds of double unders so that body is used to the motion. Step it up to 10 rounds of double unders when you are ready. For the advanced, start off with 10 rounds of double unders, and then increase to 20 rounds. Continue increasing rounds until you reach a manageable goal such as 100 rounds or 500 rounds of double unders. This level of performance is feasible when you exercise regularly and practice the double under techniques.

Top Performance Metrics

A coach from JumpNRope has been able to achieve 169 repetitions of double under in only one minute. That is insanely fast! If you watch his performances on YouTube, you can’t even track the jump rope because of how fast it is moving.

Related Movements

Some exercises are incorporated with the double under for faster and better results such as the box jump, burpees and boxing.

Related Foods

This movement involves jumping, which means that you should be eating light foods around one hour before the workout. You don’t want to have an upset stomach because you are full. Consume dried fruits, granola or a banana with peanut butter to supply your body with enough energy to carry on with the double under. After the exercise, rest and eat so that your body is re-energized. Foods such as a veggie omelet, chicken or turkey with brown rice or quinoa, tuna on crackers and Greek yoghurt with fruits are good options after your workout.

Celebrity Use

Who would expect that the famous pop star Justin Bieber has been performing double under as part of his regular workout? He also has a few skipping tricks up his sleeve to challenge himself with the double under such as skipping on one foot.

Functional Use

After continuous practice of the double under, you will notice improvements such as fat reduction and weight loss as you burn calories. Avid jump ropers who work the double under into their routine also experience increased coordination, especially in the wrists and legs. In addition, this exercise has been linked to sharpened memory based on how you have to calculate the timing of the rope as you jump.

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