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The burpee exercise conditions and strengthens the whole body to increase body fat loss, to increase endurance and to boost stamina. All you need is your own bodyweight to provide resistance. During the exercise, your lungs are exercised for better breathing rhythm and your heart can achieve its target heart rate for better blood circulation.
To do the burpee, stand straight with your feet apart at hip width and your arms rested on both sides. Then, lower yourself into a squat position with your hands flat in front of you and on the ground, and kick your legs backward at full blast into a press up position with your whole body straightened. Thrust both of your feet forward and rise slowly back into the squat position, jumping upward with your hands raised over your head. The burpee is a fast-paced exercise, which means all steps must be done quickly. The steps listed are one repetition.
As you execute these procedures, every muscle in your whole body is participating, which leads to healthier muscles throughout your body. There is no equipment necessary to do the burpee, as long as you have ample space.


Every muscle is participating and affected with the burpee, especially biceps, triceps, obliques, core abdominal muscles, deltoids, quadriceps, pectorals major, glutes and hamstrings.
These muscles become more flexible and more toned, not to mention being active and stretched for increased mobility. Your hips are going to be strengthened as you bend your body in a squat position switching to a press up position quickly. Your leg, arm and back muscles will also be stretched, reducing the chance of muscle strains. Healthy muscles lead to improved performance and better mobility.

Sets and Repetitions

There are some variations of the burpee exercise—the box-jump burpee and the pushup burpee—that you can explore if you’re looking for a challenge. The box-jump burpee utilizes a box that you can use to jump onto and to come down from it, instead of going into a squat and press up position. The pushup burpee has the same steps as the traditional burpee with an added twist of a pushup as you come into the press-up position. The number of pushups you do depends on what you can handle but it is advised to start with 1 or 2 to check if your body can withstand it before proceeding.
For beginners, start with 10 to 12 repetitions without a timer so you won’t feel pressured. As you get used to the movement, set a timer for 1 minute to increase speed. Avoid stressing yourself with a limited time because burpees can strain your whole body if not done safely. For those who are advanced, especially athletes, the burpee is best done in 12 to 15 repetitions per 30-second time.

Top Performance Metrics

Josh Zitomer has succeeded in reaching 10,000 continuous burpees in two days.

Related Movements

Here are some movements that complement the burpee:
• Mountain climber
• Lunge
• Pull-up
• Jump squat
• Push-up
• Jogging

Related Foods

Since a burpee is a full body movement with a jump, avoid eating too much before executing this movement. However, your body requires food that can supply the right amount of energy. Try boiled yams, fresh bananas, oatmeal with berries or nuts and whole-wheat toast. These foods should be consumed thirty minutes to one hour before your workout. After performing the burpee, your body will need to replenish itself from the demands of the workout. Foods such as a protein bar, wheat toast with egg whites, yoghurt with almonds and brown rice with chicken possess the nutrients needed to repair your muscles. Always remember to drink plenty of water before and after your workout to stay hydrated.

Celebrity Use

A well-known TV personality and an actor Terrence Jenkins, includes burpees in his personal workout routine. He also believes in the philosophy that exercising is not enough if you don’t eat healthy.

Functional Use

Burpees commonly result in weight loss, fat reduction, core strength buildup and increased endurance when performed as part of a regular workout routine. Your abdominal muscles are going to be more toned and to in shape. You will also notice your arms and legs getting trimmed down with increased power. The burpee exercise makes you stronger and burns calories.

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