Bicycle Crunch

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The bicycle exercise is an excellent way to build core strength and to tone your thighs without the hassle of any machinery or equipment. It can be done anytime, anywhere as long as there is ample space for you to lie down and to emulate the bicycle with your legs up in the air.
To execute the bicycle workout, lay flat on your back with your fingertips placed behind your ears. Be ready to hang your legs in the air with your knees reaching your chest. Let your left leg straighten at a 45-degree angle while rotating your upper body to the right and reaching your left elbow toward your right knee. Then, alternate the position over to your right leg. It will appear that you are riding a bicycle while lying on the ground with your legs are moving in the air. Continue the pedaling motion at a consistent speed for the duration of the exercise.


Your obliques, abdominal muscles, pectorals major hip adductors and glutes are the muscles that are affected by this routine.
The bicycle exercise helps to tone and tighten your muscles. It increases endurance, stamina and stability in the affected muscles.

Sets and Repetitions

If you are a beginner, complete eight to 12 repetitions at the speed of your choice. If you are advanced, execute the same number of repetitions for a full thirty minutes.

Related Movements

Here are some movements that can be associated with the bicycle:
• Crunches
• Sit-up

Related Foods

Before you start with your exercise, eating food that provides you with energy is vital for your body to perform better. The following foods are good options:
• Boiled yams
• Whole wheat bread or toast with peanut butter and banana
• Oatmeal with blueberries
• Greek yoghurt with almond nuts
Subsequently, your body will become weary from the physical demand of the exercise. It is better to eat after your workout. Try these foods:
• Brown rice with salmon
• Chicken with sweet potatoes
• Veggie omelet with avocado
• Protein bar or protein shake

Celebrity Use

Well-known TV host and actor Terrence Jenkins includes the bicycle workout along with burpees, push-ups, mountain climbers, lunges and pull-ups in his regular exercise routine and rounds it out with a diet involving lean meat.

Functional Use

Improvements upon performing the bicycle exercise are visible when completed regularly. Two to three times per week is recommended. Your body will lose excess body fat and burn calories all at once. When your target heart rate is met, there is better circulation of blood in the body. Your affected muscles will stay healthy and in shape, giving you the confidence to carry on with your everyday routine. Exercising your joints will reduce the risk of joint pain.

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