Bent Over Row

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The bent over row is a weight-training workout that trains back muscles, giving them more endurance and more core strength. It is a versatile exercise for power lifting and bodybuilding that helps you increase muscular mass, and it also aids in improving your posture. The bent over row routine is one of the training exercises necessary to strengthen your back and to stretch other muscles in your body. Either barbells or dumbbells can be utilized for the bent over row, whichever you prefer to use, as long as your body can handle the weight.
To perform the bent over row, stand with your feet apart at shoulder width and lower your back to form a natural arch. Grab the bar firmly with both hands by crouching down and extend your knees and hip as if in a deadlift position. Bend your hips and knees forward until your torso reaches 45 degrees from the ground. Let your arms hang in a straight line downward. Your torso must be stationary while lifting the bar toward you. Keep elbows close to the body, allowing only your forearms to do the work and to carry the weight. For a few seconds, squeeze or flex your back muscles, then gradually lower the bar down back to starting position. That is one repetition; repeat as necessary.


The bent over row exercise targets back muscles, mainly your rhomboids and latissimus dorsi. Secondary muscles that are affected are your biceps, triceps and abdominal muscles.
Your back muscles will be stretched as you pull the bar toward you, which increases strength and flexibility. Your back, biceps, triceps and abdominal muscles will also become stabilized, encouraging proper posture. Having stabilized, strengthened back muscles denote spine stability and less vulnerability to lower-back injuries, as well.

Sets and Repetitions

For beginners, assure that you don’t have an existing back pain while performing the bent over row exercise. Those who experience pain during the exercise should stop immediately. Two sets with four to eight repetitions will suffice. If you are advanced, then a repetition of six to 12 for 10 sets will challenge you.

Related Movements

Here are some exercises that you can associate with the bent over row movement:
• Squat
• Leg press
• Deadlift

Related Foods

Before you carry on with the bent over row movement, remember to eat about thirty minutes to one hour beforehand because your body needs ample energy to sustain the physical demand of the workout:
• Oatmeal with fresh fruits
• Whole wheat toast with cottage cheese
• Boiled yams and a banana
• Beans, spinach, Greek yoghurt and almonds

Afterwards, drink plenty of water to replenish your body from excessive perspiration, and eat so that your body can regain energy.
• Sweet potatoes and salmon
• Omelet with veggies and avocado
• Grilled chicken and green leafy veggies
• Boiled eggs with cottage cheese

Celebrity Use

Denver Steyn is a nutrition coach and a personal trainer at Gold Coast who includes the bent over row as part of his personal workout routine. He has spent 10 years in the professional of physical training without the use of any drugs such as steroids.

Functional Use

There are various manifestations that occur upon achieving the bent over row exercise. Those who do the exercise regularly will achieve increased muscular mass and a faster metabolism since lifting weights leads to gaining muscular shape and mass. You will also burn calories and reduce body fat when paired with a healthy nutrition plan, and you will experience a more toned body with well-defined biceps and abdomen muscles. The most important manifestation is better posture and a stronger back. Good posture increases physically fitness and confidence with your daily routines. A strong back with high endurance will also prevent or limit future back pain.

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